Category: Calvary Cemetery

  • William J. Burns Mausoleum, Calvary Cemetery

    William J. Burns mausoleum

    A fine temple of the “modern Ionic” order (Ionic columns with the volutes at the four corners) with a large statue of Christ standing above the pediment. It has not escaped festooning with artificial flowers.

    William J. Burns mausoleum
  • Mamaux Monument, Calvary Cemetery

    Mamaux monument, Calvary Cemetery

    The anchor usually represents hope, but the size and prominence of this one make us wonder whether the Mamaux family was in the shipping industry.

  • McNally Mausoleum, Calvary Cemetery

    McNally Mausoleum

    A splendid Doric temple that makes the most of its hillside site.

    McNally mausoleum
  • Purpura Monument, Calvary Cemetery

    Purpura monument

    A classical gateway with fluted Doric columns frames a Sacred Heart statue. Tablets for two branches of the Purpura family flank the gateway. This is one of those curious combinations we often see in Catholic cemeteries: ostentatiously classical taste applied to traditional Catholic religious symbolism.

  • Patterson Mausoleum, Calvary Cemetery

    Patterson mausoleum

    A simplified Doric temple, on its way from the correct classicism of the nineteenth century to the more austere simplicity of the twentieth. As with many other mausoleums, this one has lost its bronze door, and the gap has been filled with concrete.