Category: Mount Lebanon Cemetery

  • Schnuth Monument, Mount Lebanon Cemetery

    If you want to be buried under a pyramid but don’t want to be ostentatious about it, this is your monument.

  • Hays Mausoleum, Mount Lebanon Cemetery

    Hays mausoleum

    A modest rustic mausoleum with almost no ornamentation, but it nevertheless manages to look picturesque against its green hillside.

  • The Face of the Potts Monument, Mount Lebanon Cemetery

    Face on the Potts monument

    The weathered face of this mourner looks all the more contemplative for the eroded vagueness of her features. The names of the various Pottses are inscribed on a broken column, a common metaphor for death in cemeteries. The various parts of the monument seem to have been ordered separately and with little regard for consistent style; we know from seeing her in other cemeteries that the flower-strewing mourner (whose hands always break off) was a standard catalogue item, and the classical column seems an odd match for the rustic base.

  • Jacob Minsinger Monument, Mount Lebanon Cemetery

    Jacob Minsinger Monument

    A substantial classical monument that may date from 1933, when Jacob Minsinger was buried (under a separate ledger); but the style suggests that it could be older, and might have been bought while Jacob was alive in anticipation of the eventual need for it.

  • Robb Monument, Mount Lebanon Cemetery

    Robb monument

    A tasteful obelisk with a simple classical base. The stark Gothic letters of the inscription are typical of the era.