Category: Peters Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

  • Boyer Obelisk, Peters Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

    James Boyer died in 1889; there seems to be plenty of room for other inscriptions here, but none added yet.

  • Maits Monument, Peters Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

    This monument was probably put up when Sarah Ann Maits died in 1904. John Maits, born in 1830, has no death date filled in; if he is not still alive, he may have married again (at an advanced age, since he was 73 when Sarah Ann died) and been buried elsewhere.

  • David Philips Tombstone, Peters Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

    Captain Philips, who fought in the Revolution, lived to see the fiftieth anniversary of American independence. He is identified as Revd. Philips on his tombstone, and he is buried in the Philips family plot, which is still separated from the hoi polloi by a metal rail. From this one stone we identify a new Master in our collection of folk artists who produced tombstones here two centuries ago: the Master of the Curly Numerals, identifiable by the curled decorations on his numbers. Note also the fine curly script of “The Revd.”

  • Philips Plot, Peters Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

    This plot includes the tombstone of the Rev. David Philips, minister and Revolutionary War captain; clearly it belongs to a family of some influence, and it is still kept separate from the rest of the cemetery by a metal railing of comparatively recent vintage (which is to say within the past century).

  • Henry Huls Snr. Tombstone, Peters Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

    A newly identified work by the Master of the Robinson Run Reliefs, all of whose trademarks are visible here: the thistle decoration flanked by flowers, the fan patterns in the corners, and even the curled tail on the top of the lower-case g in age. Henry Huls was a private in the Revolutionary War; he is identified here as having served in the Washington County Militia, but that could only have been in the last few months of the war, since Washington County itself was formed in 1781.