Category: Union Dale Cemetery

  • Columbarium, Union Dale Cemetery

    These pictures were taken in 2014, but for some reason old Pa Pitt never got around to publishing them until now. We have another article with more pictures and a detailed description of the Columbarium.

  • Shanor Column, Union Dale Cemetery

    Shanor column

    An odd mixture of styles: the base is a sort of medieval-classical fantasy, from which sprouts a column with an Egyptian-style lotus capital, and on that stands an allegorical figure of Hope.

  • Duncan Mausoleum from the Side

    Duncan mausoleum

    From any angle the Duncan mausoleum is impressive. There is nothing like it anywhere else in Pittsburgh—or, as far as old Pa Pitt knows, in the world. The architect was Theophilus P. Chandler Jr., the Philadelphia tastemaker who also designed First Presbyterian downtown and Third Presbyterian at Fifth and Negley in Shadyside. He seems to have been proud of this mausoleum: if you go looking for it on line, you will turn up Father Pitt’s pictures (of course), and then a large number of prints and postcards from the time the mausoleum was built.

  • Kelley Monument, Union Dale Cemetery

    Statue on the Kelley monument

    Flower-dropping mourners are very common in our cemeteries, but this one is made of bronze and unusually fine.

    Kelley monument
  • Andrews Mausoleum, Union Dale Cemetery

    Andrews mausoleum

    A richly detailed example of Renaissance classicism, with rusticated blocks, arched entrance, “modern Ionic” columns (that is, Ionic columns with volutes at the four corners of the capitals), and flanking urns.