Tag: Alden & Harlow

  • Brown Pyramid, Homewood Cemetery

    Like the Huhn pyramid in the Allegheny Cemetery (but on a much larger scale), this is a classical interpretation of the Egyptian pyramid, with proportions more like those of the Pyramid of Cestius along the Appian Way than like those of a true Egyptian pyramid. It is striking enough that it appears in much of the Homewood Cemetery’s publicity. It was designed by Alden & Harlow and built for William Harry Brown, banker and heir to a shipping empire, in 1898. Mr. Brown’s firm was the largest shipper of coal on the rivers, which obviously made him quite a pile of money.

  • Vandergrift Column, Allegheny Cemetery

    A monument to Jacob Jay Vandergrift, riverboat captain, pioneering oil magnate, and eponymous founder of Vandergrift, Pennsylvania. There are an awful lot of eponymous people in the Allegheny Cemetery. The column was supposedly designed by Alden & Harlow.

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