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  • Zinc Calvary Group, St. John Vianney Parish Cemetery

    Old Pa Pitt seeks out zinc monuments, so he is especially delighted to bring you a fine Calvary group in zinc. He does not know the date exactly, but he would guess from the style, and from the fact that zinc statues of this sort have not been readily available for almost a hundred years, that it dates from the early twentieth century.

  • Calvary Group, St. Michael’s Cemetery

    Note: The pictures in this article disappeared with their image host, but we have added a more recent picture from 2023. The monument, dated 1888, commemorates priests of St. Michael’s parish.

    This grouping more notable for its position than for its artistic quality (which is quite good but not extraordinary); it stands at the edge of a steep slope with a panoramic view of the Monongahela valley below. St. Michael’s is a German Catholic cemetery, so the inscription (“I am the resurrection and the life…”) is in German (with “May they rest in peace” Latin, of course).