Tag: Gothic

  • Sunshine on the Sunshine Mausoleum

    Golden winter sun illuminates the Sunshine mausoleum in the South Side Cemetery.

  • McCutcheon Mausoleum, Union Dale Cemetery

    For their mausoleum, the McCutcheons chose a remarkably tasteful miniature Gothic church, dated 1881 over the stone doors on both sides.

  • Sunshine Mausoleum, South Side Cemetery

    This mausoleum and its stone mourner are doubtless both standard catalogue items. But they are picturesque, and much more so because of the deep blackness of the stone. Most stone buildings in Pittsburgh used to look like this, but few of them have escaped cleaning.

    The other thing that makes the mausoleum stand out, of course, is the delightful name “Sunshine” over the door.

  • Leslie C. Steen Monument, Allegheny Cemetery

    Leslie C. Steen died in 1867 at the age of 20, according to cemetery records. We may presume that this ponderous and weighty Gothic-classical monument was put up by his parents.

  • Mount Lebanon Cemetery Office

    This fine vernacular-Gothic house serves as the gatehouse and office for the Mount Lebanon Cemetery, which was founded in 1901. It’s charmingly out of place in its neighborhood, which is a later development where most of the houses date from after the First World War.