Tag: Hopper (Abigail and Robert)

  • Robert and Abigail Hopper Monuments, Bethany Cemetery

    A pair of matched urn-topped ,marble monuments—matched, but not quite. It looks as though Robert’s heirs could not get exactly the same design when he died three and a half years after his wife. The epitaphs were clearly inscribed by different artists. (The tree in the background had just fallen the night before Father Pitt visited, fortunately doing no damage to the monuments.)

    The epitaph:

    Dearest Mother, thou hast left us,
    And thy loss we deeply feel;
    But ’tis God that hast [sic] bereft us.
    He can all our sorrows heal.

    The epitaph:

    It is not death to die,
    To leave this weary road,
    And midst the brotherhood on high
    To be at home with God.