Tag: Hungarian Language

  • Statue of Christ in St. Michael’s Cemetery

    Statue of Christ

    St. Michael’s was a German parish, but it must have had a small Hungarian contingent as well, or it shared its cemetery with a Hungarian parish. This statue of Christ blessing visitors as they enter the cemetery (it is placed in the middle of a circle at the entrance) stands on a base with the inscription EGO SUM RESURRECTIO ET VITA in Latin and three other languages: German, English, and Hungarian.

    Statue in circle
    I am the resurrection and the life
    Ego sum resurrectio et vita
    Hungarian and German
    Rear of the statue
    Full length
  • Rev. Frank Ferenck Stump, Homewood Cemetery


    Another variation on the popular rustic stump, this one with an open book hanging from a rope for the inscription. The monument tells us that the Rev. Frank Ferenck was a Hungarian Reformed minister; and there is an epitaph in Hungarian, which is a language of which Father Pitt is almost entirely ignorant. Google Translate thinks it means “the beloved Pastor fish temples.”