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  • B. F. Jones Monument, Allegheny Cemetery

    Jones monument

    Like a stone mushroom, this is the visible outcropping of an underground mausoleum. Instead of a heroic statue of steel baron Benjamin Franklin Jones, we get a contemplative allegorical pair, one laying a wreath and palm of victory where his body is buried, the other looking upward hoping to find the real B. F. Jones in that direction. Old Pa Pitt hopes so, too.

    Statue group
    Detail of the statues

    We have more pictures of the B. F. Jones monument from 2014.

  • B. F. Jones Monument, Allegheny Cemetery

    This monument actually marks an underground mausoleum, which sounds like a wonderful opportunity for a setting in a Gothic novel. Benjamin Franklin Jones was the Jones of Jones & Laughlin. This monument was put up in 1897, six years before Jones died, so he was able, like a pharaoh, to supervise the construction of his final resting place.

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