Tag: Krauth (William H.)

  • William H. Krauth Monument, Prospect Cemetery

    A splendid bilingual zinc monument—German on one side, English on the other. As usual with zinc monuments, it is as legible now as it was when it was put up. This is style no. 156 from the Monumental Bronze Company, with an interesting choice of panel inserts.

    Father Pitt was not able to find this poem anywhere on line. His attempt at a translation follows the transcription, but anyone who knows German better is invited to correct it:

    Liebe Eltern ich muss scheiden,
    Denn mein Jesus ruft mir zu;
    Nun erlost von allem Leiden,
    Gönnet mir die susse Ruh.

    Tröstet euch, wir seh’n uns wieder,
    Dort in jener Herrlichkeit,
    Singet ihm die frohen Lieder,
    Bleibet doch mit Gott vereint.

    Dear parents, I must depart,
    For my Jesus calls to me;
    Spared by good fortune from all suffering,
    He allows me sweet repose.

    Be comforted; we shall meet again,
    There in that glory,
    Sing joyful songs to him,
    Linger still united with God.