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  • Laughlin Tombstones, Allegheny Cemetery

    Laughlin tombstones, Allegheny Cemetery

    There was a brief revival of early-nineteenth-century tombstone styles in the 1920s and 1930s, and it produced some very attractive designs. Several of them are in the Laughlin plot. The three above share a weeping-willow design patterned after folk-art tombstones of a hundred years earlier.

    Alice Denniston Laughlin
    James B. Laughlin
    Clara Young Laughlin
    Anne Irwin Laughlin

    This later tombstone is made in the same shape as the others, but with a different decorative scheme.

    Henry A. Laughlin

    In the same plot are some stones with bronze plaques commemorating Henry B. Laughlin and his two wives.

    Alice B. Denniston Laughlin
    Mary B. Reed Laughlin
  • Laughlin Monument, Allegheny Cemetery

    Laughlin monument

    The earliest Laughlin buried here died in 1882, but old Pa Pitt would guess that the family monument might be about a decade later. It is a sober classical base with a statue of Hope carrying the compact portable anchor she sometimes travels with.

    Hope with her anchor
    Laughlin monument