Tag: Mausoleums

  • Riter Mausoleum, Homewood Cemetery

    A large Doric temple near the entrance to the cemetery. It is very much a gentleman’s mausoleum: it is most distinguished by its lack of distinguishing features, concentrating instead on getting every detail of the style perfectly correct.

  • Hemphill Mausoleum, Homewood Cemetery

    Hemphill mausoleum with fall leaves

    A classic Ionic temple with rusticated walls.

    Hemphill mausoleum
  • Winter Mausoleum, Allegheny Cemetery

    Winter mausoleum

    We have seen this extravagant structure more than once before, but it is always worth trying to improve on our images. Here it is again. It was designed by John Russell Pope, architect of the Jefferson Memorial, National Archives, National Gallery of Art, &c., &c., and it is nearly identical to the F. W. Woolworth mausoleum in the Bronx.

    Winter mausoleum
    From the side
  • Swartz Mausoleum, Homewood Cemetery

    Swartz Mausoleum

    A simple rustic mausoleum half set into the hill, with a porch featuring Tuscan columns, a kind of simplified Doric order (classical architectural writers do not distinguish it from Doric).

    Swartz and Hoting mausoleums
  • Burnett Mausoleum, Homewood Cemetery

    Burnett Mausoleum

    A small mausoleum or vault, modern with a hint of Art Deco in the decorations. The bronze doors are particularly good, with angular decorations that remind old Pa Pitt of German Jugendstil.