Tag: Modernism

  • Burnett Mausoleum, Homewood Cemetery

    Burnett Mausoleum

    A small mausoleum or vault, modern with a hint of Art Deco in the decorations. The bronze doors are particularly good, with angular decorations that remind old Pa Pitt of German Jugendstil.

  • Louis A. Behr Mausoleum, West View Cemetery

    Louis A. Behr mausoleum, West View Cemetery

    Art Deco details make a composition that is at once simple and rich. Note how the bronze doors echo the vertical lines of the stone.

  • Kress Mausoleum, Homewood Cemetery

    Kress mausoleum

    Almost starkly modern in form, the Kress mausoleum balances its simple cubical shape with a profusion of ornamental etching, an elaborate bronze door, and unusually artistic letters for the family name.

    Stained glass

    Stained glass on the inside echoes the external ornament. There are stained-glass windows on the sides as well as in the rear.

    Kress mausoleum
  • Fine Mausoleum, West View Cemetery

    Once in a while we see an unusually tasteful modernist mausoleum. This is a good example. The form is simple, but everything is in exactly the right proportions. The retaining wall behind the mausoleum embraces it, adding to the composition; even the little square urns, each with a perfectly trimmed ball of boxwood, are in exactly the right proportions.

  • Paul Mausoleum, West View Cemetery

    Paul mausoleum

    The West View Cemetery is notable for a number of tasteful modernist mausoleums. On this one, note how the etched decoration is repeated in the bronze doors. The landscaping in front is very unusual, and in fact almost unique in Pittsburgh, where cemetery groundskeepers usually expect to be able to mow right up to the steps of a mausoleum.