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  • Circular Plots in Allegheny Cemetery

    Almost all the walls and fences that used to surround family plots in Allegheny Cemetery have been taken down, but there is an important exception to the rule. In one section of the cemetery are several circular plots where the low stone walls are maintained. Most of them have a central monument with individual graves orbiting it around the edge of the circle; one or two have no central monuments.

    The Head plot (above) and the Fitzsimons-Morrison plot (below) are two good examples of the style.

  • Morrison Family Plot, Allegheny Cemetery

    Almost all the fences and barriers that used to demarcate family plots in the nineteenth century were removed in Allegheny Cemetery, but this one has somehow survived the loud protests of groundskeepers. You will note, however, that the groundskeepers seem to be deliberately avoiding the interior of the plot.

  • Morrison Obelisk, Allegheny Cemetery

    Your obelisk has to be pretty tall to compete in the Allegheny Cemetery. This one is a serious contender. It stands in the middle of a circular plot designed to have graves arranged in an orbital fashion, though only about a quarter of the circle is filled in.