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  • Robert Patterson Tombstone, Chartiers Hill Cemetery

    The letters are formed very well, but here (as in many other early-settler tombstones) we see that marking out the inscription in advance was not part of the stonecutter’s method. He runs out of space for the name of the deceased, and then again on the next line for the name of the town Canonsburgh (which we no longer spell with an H). He also left out the R in “MEMORY,” and the heading SACRED to the IN MEMOY OF is very decorative but grammatically nonsense.

    This transcription preserves the eccentric spelling of the original:

    to the

    Merchant of Canonsburgh
    Who departed this life
    January 31st A. D. 1833
    in the 29th year of his age

    He was a man of temperance and moral habits
    as a man of buissness he was unrivell’d
    as a friend he was truly candid and sincere
    as a husband and parent [he was] kind & affec[tionate]

    Father Pitt took this picture in 1999 with an Argus C3. The Chartiers Hill Cemetery is notable for interesting epitaphs.