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  • Porter Mausoleum, Homewood Cemetery

    Porter mausoleum

    A little bit of Deco Gothic fantasy whose bronze doors are worth admiring.

    Porter mausoleum

    You can also see summer pictures of the Porter mausoleum, including the exceptionally fine stained glass.

  • Porter Monument, Allegheny Cemetery

    Porter monument

    This striking angel is the work of Brenda Putnam, but the cemetery’s site (in an article that has since disappeared) was vague and confusing on dates. It said that the bronze angel was cast “after 1910” as a replica of an original granite sculpture. The earliest dated Putnam work listed in her sparse Wikipedia article is from 1917. Brenda Putnam would have been twenty years old in 1910; she would thus have been a teenager when the granite version was done, if the date “1910” means anything at all. Henry Kirke Porter, identified as “the best-known Porter here” by the cemetery’s site, died in 1921, and perhaps that gives us a better guess at the date of the sculpture.

    If old Pa Pitt had to guess, he would imagine that those glorious wings were too heavy for granite, and the bronze cast was made when the original sculpture proved unstable.

    Angel by Brenda Putnam
    Closer to the angel
    Face of the angel
  • Porter Mausoleum, Homewood Cemetery

    An elegant little Gothic chapel with a bit of Art Deco flair. The stained glass inside shows Charity distributing gifts to Music, Drama, and the Arts.