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  • Merry Christmas

    The Soffels always decorate their mausoleum in Mount Lebanon Cemetery with a wreath for Christmas.

  • Philips Plot, Peters Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

    This plot includes the tombstone of the Rev. David Philips, minister and Revolutionary War captain; clearly it belongs to a family of some influence, and it is still kept separate from the rest of the cemetery by a metal railing of comparatively recent vintage (which is to say within the past century).

  • Peters Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

    This is the burying ground of a Baptist church that dates back to Colonial times: it claims a foundation date of 1773. Some Revolutionary War veterans are buried here.

  • Lower Gatehouse of Allegheny Cemetery

    The Butler Street gatehouse was part of the original design of the cemetery in the 1840s, and it serves its function perfectly. From a busy city street we enter a romantic fantasy landscape that might have come straight from Sir Walter Scott. The contrast is almost as great as the contrast between life and afterlife.