Tag: St. Anne Parish Cemetery

  • John Subic Tombstone, St. Anne Parish Cemetery

    John Subic tombstone

    Another example of a typical Slavic tombstone with inscriptions in two languages—again, we suspect that “OUR SON” came with the stone, and the inscription in Slovenian was supplied to order. The cross was not originally blank: if we look very carefully, we can trace the faint outlines of a crucifix in shallow relief that has eroded almost completely away.

  • Jernej Malli Tombstone, St. Anne Parish Cemetery

    Jernej Malli tombstone

    The cross has gone missing from this typical Slavic tombstone. The inscription is partly Slovenian and partly English; we suspect that “OUR FATHER” came with the stone, and the rest of the inscription was made to order.

  • Stanley Zaksesks Cross, St. Anne Parish Cemetery

    Stanley Zaksesks cross

    Stanley Zaksesks died in 1920 when he was eleven or twelve years old. Perhaps his father worked in the construction business; this monument appears to have been cast in concrete. The name and date are painted.

  • J. Abate Cross, St. Anne Parish Cemetery

    J. Abate Cross

    A fairly large cross for a seventeen-year-old whose family perhaps could not afford a professional monument. Note the one attempt at decoration: a small sun pattern (or something) at the top.

  • Katherine Litwin Monument, St. Anne Parish Cemetery

    Katherine Litwin

    A monument for a girl who died at the age of fourteen. The weathered and damaged angel is probably much more picturesque in this condition than it was when it was new.

    Katherine Litwin

    The base includes a photograph that is badly faded, but with the help of modern image-editing software we can restore a recognizable image.

    Photograph of Katherine Litwin