Tag: Steles

  • Perritt Monument, Homewood Cemetery

    Perritt monument

    A simple stele with Art Deco flair. It is running out of space for Elliott Eugene Perritts. Enlarge the picture and note the three children remembered on the base. Three funerals in four years: that is what childhood mortality used to be like even among wealthy families before we figured out how to vaccinate against childhood diseases.

  • John E. Cook Stele, South Side Cemetery

    A fine and tasteful Art Deco stele that probably dates from 1933, when John E. Cook himself died. His wife and four of his six children died before him.

  • Haas Monument, Mount Lebanon Cemetery

    Should we call this a fat obelisk or a thin stele? Either way, it serves its function of making the graves of Mr. and Mrs. Haas easy to find. The foliage decoration is notable.