Tag: Sunshine

  • Sunshine on the Sunshine Mausoleum

    Golden winter sun illuminates the Sunshine mausoleum in the South Side Cemetery.

  • Statue on the Sunshine Mausoleum, South Side Cemetery

    This statue of a wreath-bearing mourner looks more contemplative as she weathers into abstraction.

  • Sunshine Mausoleum, South Side Cemetery

    This mausoleum and its stone mourner are doubtless both standard catalogue items. But they are picturesque, and much more so because of the deep blackness of the stone. Most stone buildings in Pittsburgh used to look like this, but few of them have escaped cleaning.

    The other thing that makes the mausoleum stand out, of course, is the delightful name “Sunshine” over the door.

  • Sunshine Mausoleum, South Side Cemetery

    The Sunshine mausoleum from 1897, with its patient mourner uncomplainingly enduring a roosting bird, is almost certainly another ordered-from-a-catalogue mausoleum. But who is not delighted to see the name “Sunshine” engraved in cheerfully rustic letters over the entrance to a tomb? The style is hard to pin down: it has the heaviness of Romanesque, but the pointed arch suggests Gothic ambitions.