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  • Walter Mausoleum, Allegheny Cemetery

    Walter mausoleum

    An early-twentieth-century Doric mausoleum of the simpler style, without pediment or frieze, that was becoming popular then. The stained glass inside is a simple vine decoration.

    Stained glass in the Walter mausoleum
    Walter mausoleum
  • Walter-Wallace Mausoleum, Allegheny Cemetery

    A rare example of mid-nineteenth-century Egyptian Revival architecture (as opposed to the very common early-twentieth-century Egyptian style). This mausoleum is not listed on the cemetery’s site, so it would be work to figure out when it was built; in general, though, half-underground mausoleums like these date from the first two or three decades of the cemetery’s existence. Father Pitt guesses this one might date from the 1850s. The name “Wallace” was clearly added later.

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