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  • Williams Mausoleum, South Side Cemetery

    Old Pa Pitt is going to call this style Romanesque because of the medieval columns, rusticated stone, and rounded lintel; but it is perhaps a bit of a mixed metaphor in style. Like most of the mausoleums in the unguarded South Side Cemetery, it has lost its bronze doors, which have been replaced with ugly concrete blocks.

  • Williams Mausoleum, South Side Cemetery

    A curiously shaped rustic mausoleum with Gothic pilasters that seem a little like an afterthought. As we have mentioned elsewhere, all the mausoleums in the South Side Cemetery are missing their doors.

  • Williams Mausoleum, Homewood Cemetery

    An Egyptian tomb extraordinary for its restraint: with none of the slightly cartoony Egyptian accoutrements that generally mark the style, it seems to return to the simplicity of the mid-nineteenth-century Egyptian Revival (compare, for example, the Walter mausoleum in the Allegheny Cemetery). The sloping sides, the projecting curves of the cornice and lintel, and the trapezoidal door frame are the elements that mark it as Egyptian.