German Lutheran Cemetery in Beechview


In the nineteenth century, churches usually built their cemeteries outside the city. At the turn of the twentieth, when the rapidly expanding streetcar lines triggered a storm of new development all around Pittsburgh, many of those cemeteries ended up surrounded by crowded urban neighborhoods. This one in Beechview is not quite forgotten; someone comes to mow it two or three times a year, but much of it is so overgrown by now that it’s immune to the mower.



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3 responses to “German Lutheran Cemetery in Beechview”

  1. The tombstone shaped like a tree trunk with a scroll from the Beechview German Lutheran Cemetery marks the grave of my Gr-Great Aunt, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Miller Heakin…wife of Thomas Heakin. (6 Feb 1875-4 Apr 1901).

  2. I think my grandparents are buried here. I CAME 6 YEARS AGO and saw stone completely hidden by weeds. Wonder if there is any evidence of Edward Lehne and wife. Both died before I saw them.

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