Stella D. Horner Ihmsen Monument, Allegheny Cemetery

Her maiden name is much larger than her husband’s name; she is buried with the rest of the Horners; her elaborate monogram is her unmarried initials (but that is perhaps proper Victorian etiquette). Her married name is so inconspicuous, in fact, that the cemetery site lists this monument under the name Horner. There is a story here, a Victorian three-volume novel about a young woman from a wealthy family who married beneath her, who died tragically young, and whose family never really accepted her marriage. Or perhaps the story is something else entirely. This is not the only example of a young bride buried under her maiden name: Sallie Negley, “Wife of Dr. David M. McMasters,” has a beautiful romantic-style monument in the Negley-Mellon family plot.

Section: 20

Lot: 5

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