Imling Monument, St. Michael’s Cemetery

The obelisk with a cross is peculiar to Catholic cemeteries; it is almost never found in Protestant cemeteries. Here is a typical example from St. Michael’s Cemetery, the vertiginous burying-ground of a German Catholic parish on the South Side Slopes. As with many of the older monuments here, the inscriptions are in German.

It appears that the family lost touch with this monument at some time between 1944 and, perhaps, 1960 or so; the death date of Anton Imling, born 1868, was never filled in.

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  1. Just a quick comment……regarding the Imling monument at St. Michael’s cemetery, Anton Imling died in 1962 and is buried at St. Wendelin’s cemetery. There could be a few reasons for this: I have relatives buried at St. Michael’s cemetery. As a matter of fact, My Great Grandfather was once a gravedigger there (some interesting stories were passed down). Anyway, when the plots were sold, they didn’t account for the caskets going into a rough box. when that became standard (or mandatory?), the amount of plots originally purchased could no longer accommodate the people who intended to be buried there. This happened with my family at St. Michaels. So, maybe this was the case with the Imlings, or maybe it was possible that the family members handling the funeral/burial arrangements for Anton were not aware of the graves/plots at St. Michaels. You have an excellent site that is very informative. Keep up the good work!

    Don Fuchs

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