Grace I. Bell Monument, Concord Presbyterian Cemetery

Grace Bell monument

Father Pitt is not entirely sure of the middle initial; the best he can say is that it looks more like an I than like any other letter he can think of. Here is a lavishly romantic monument typical of the taste of the middle 1800s, when Carrick was a country settlement along the road to Brownsville.

Here is Father Pitt’s attempt at a transcription, but he would be delighted to be corrected, since the stone has eroded to the point where some parts are not easily legible.

In memory of
Grace I. Bell
Wife of Samuel Wallace
Died Aug. 27, 1862.
In the 66. year of her age

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord,
From henceforth, yea, saith the Spirit,
That they may rest from their labors.

The epitaph is from Revelation 14:13. It leaves out the last words of the verse: “and their works do follow them.”

To improve the chance of legibility, we reproduce the monument in both color and black and white.

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