Tag: Columns

  • Rook Column, Allegheny Cemetery

    An elaborate Corinthian column erected in 1881 for Alexander Rook, an editor of the late lamented Dispatch. The recording angel is a particularly good one, and figures of hope and faith flank the column.

  • Kerr Column, Allegheny Cemetery

    This curious column combines classical and Gothic ideas to create something not quite like any of the other dozens of columns in the cemetery. It remembers Andrew Lennox Kerr (1789-1839) and Jane Kerr (1785-1880). From the style of the column, and the fact that the inscriptions for Andrew and Jane seem to have been cut at the same time, we can guess that the column was put up after Jane Kerr died in 1880.

  • J. W. Porter Column, Sewickley Cemetery

    A splendid Corinthian column with a…hat. James W. Porter died in 1901, so we may take that as about the date of this monument.

  • Lowen Monument, Chartiers Cemetery


    Similar in general appearance to many marble monuments of the 1870s, but the urn on top of a round column is unusual and a bit odd.

  • Holmes Column, Allegheny Cemetery

    A curiously eclectic Gothic monument; it looks as though the architect tried to stuff every idea he had ever had about the Gothic style into one fat column. The elegant blackletter inscriptions are noteworthy.