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  • Frank-Klee Mausoleum, West View Cemetery

    Frank-Klee Mausoleum

    The extra width gives the mausoleum room for more inmates, but it does not seem to have been worked into the design well. It looks as though the Franks and Klees ordered a standard Doric temple, quite correct in its proportions, and then as an afterthought added wings.

    The stained glass is very pretty.

    Stained glass in the Frank-Klee mausoleum
  • Frank-Klee Mausoleum, West View Cemetery

    A simple Doric mausoleum with extra space for a large family. The stained glass inside is very good, except that (in Father Pitt’s opinion) the wreath-and-swag decoration rather spoils the effect of the naturalistic forest and stream.