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  • Michaelofski Monument, Chartiers Cemetery

    The base is in fine shape, but the marble mourner is woefully eroded. It is a peculiar property of stone mourners, by the way, that, no matter how symmetrically classical the base of the monument may be, they always sit or stand on piles of rustic stone.

    Father Pitt could not find a Michaelofski headstone in this plot, or any other inscription on the monument. It seems almost as if the plot was purchased, and this expensive monument erected, and then no one was ever buried here. The cemetery records compiled by Mr. Norman J. Meinert list a John Michaelofski as having died in 1918, but the date comes from “death notices,” not a stone in the cemetery. A kind correspondent has pointed out that an Anna Michaelofski is recorded in county death certificates as having died in 1915; she was also buried in this cemetery.