Tag: Moorhead (James Kennedy)

  • Kennedy Stump, Mount Olivet Cemetery

    This hilltop cemetery has few really interesting monuments, but old Pa Pitt has a well-known weakness for rustic stumps. This looks like an early-twentieth-century stump, but all the Kennedys buried nearby died in the later twentieth century; we suspect, therefore, that the family bought the plot and erected the stump, and then went on to live long and prosperous lives for decades.

  • Moorhead Mausoleum, Allegheny Cemetery

    According to the cemetery’s site, this fantastic and imaginative mausoleum seems to have been built for James Kennedy Moorhead; it was designed by Louis Morgenroth and built in 1862, though Moorhead lived twenty-two years after that. The vegetation rising from the roof only adds to the mystery and romance, as if one had stumbled across a lost Gothic Khmer temple deep in the jungle. The name “Moorhead” appears over the door on one side, and “Murdoch” on the opposite side.