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  • Art Deco in the Homewood Cemetery

    Art Deco was popular only for a few decades in the early and middle twentieth century, and it never became a very popular style for cemetery monuments. But among the wealthy residents of the Homewood Cemetery, a restrained and tasteful Art Deco was quite fashionable in the years from roughly 1930 to 1950. In many cases it takes the form of a streamlining and radical simplification of classical and Gothic styles. Some of these monuments look like pieces of sets from the world’s most somber RKO musical.

  • Reed Monument, Oak Spring Cemetery

    A typical zinc pillar with every panel filled to capacity with inscriptions. Father Pitt guesses that it was bought in about 1899 (the date of the death of Harvey Neill Reed), but the family took the opportunity to remember many other Reeds perhaps otherwise unrepresented by monuments, going all the way back to 1839. A Reed family was among the first settlers of the Canonsburg area, and some of those early settlers have tombstones very near this plot; these Reeds are probably related.