Tag: Walker

  • Walker Mausoleum, Union Dale Cemetery

    William H. Walker (1841-1904) had his portrait rendered in stained glass for the back of his mausoleum, which is the sort of thing you can do if you have the money to put up a large Ionic mausoleum like this one.

  • Walker Mausoleum, Highwood Cemetery

    In-ground burial vaults like this had gone out of fashion in most of our cemeteries by the late nineteenth century, but there are two later ones in the Highwood Cemetery. This one, with its rustic stone, is indescribably picturesque and looks like a relic of some vanished ancient culture, but it probably dates from about 1880.

  • Straub-Anshutz Monument, Allegheny Cemetery


    This diminutive structure looks a bit like a toy mausoleum. The names of generations of Straubs, Anshutzes, and Walkers are on bronze plates on the door, and from the shadows on the bronze it looks as though at least five Straubs have fallen off. One must assume that they were all cremated, and that this is actually a little closet full of urns.

  • Walker Monument, Homewood Cemetery

    A large bronze relief depicts the empty tomb of Jesus on Easter morning, with two astonished women confronted by an angel who points outward and upward.