A. J. Sunstein Mausoleum, West View Cemetery

Another Egyptian mausoleum that hits all the expected marks, except that it is too small (or cheap) for lotus columns. This one, however, adds the delightful detail of pharaoh’s-head door pulls, which more than makes up for the missing columns.

Little smiley characters like the one at upper left occasionally appear on mausoleum doors in Pittsburgh cemeteries. It’s a cheerful little mystery.

3 responses to “A. J. Sunstein Mausoleum, West View Cemetery”

  1. Hello! Your cemetery pictures are beautiful. — Are the pictures shown on your blog (specifically these two for A. J. Sunstein Mausoleum, located in the West View Cemetery) in your book? …

    • Thank you very much for the compliment. The A. J. Sunstein mausoleum is not in the book, which is deliberately kept down to less than 100 pages to make the full-color printing affordable. There are many more pictures on the site here than in the book, but the book tries to present a representative sample of each style—for example, there are five other Egyptian-style mausoleums in it, including the William Harry Brown pyramid in the Homewood Cemetery.

  2. While visiting Pittsburgh, I was able to see the William Harry Brown pyramid, and a few other Egyptian style mausoleums as well (the Winter Mausoleum at the Allegheny Cemetery was my very favorite) – I spent most of my time in Pittsburgh exploring the fantastic cemeteries, (and trekking through the snow was a new adventure for me as I have lived my whole life in Southern California) — I look forward to seeing more of your cemetery pictures, as I am quite the Taphophile myself…

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