Amrhein Cross, St. Peter’s Cemetery (Arlington)

Iron monuments are rare, but in this little German Catholic cemetery this same ornate iron cross occurs twice. it was not a good idea from a genealogical point of view: the letters are separate pieces, and they fall off as bits of the monument rust. Today we can guess the surname “Amrhein” because the cross occurs in a group with a double granite monument, but there is not enough information to fill in the first name or the birth and death dates (18— to 188-).


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  1. 1. FRANZ Josef AMRHEIN
    BIRTH 17 JAN 1826 • Frohnhofen, Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Germany
    DEATH 18 FEBRUARY 1894 • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
    2. BARBARA (Hirsch) AMRHEIN
    BIRTH 28 OCT 1823 • Sailauf, Bayern, Germany (Aschaffenburg, Bavaria)
    DEATH 27 MAY 1900 • Pennsylvania, USA
    3. I am guessing the steel cross might be one of their children
    Jackob (Jacob) Amrhein b: Mar 1863 + d: 1881

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