Lohmeyer Monument, Calvary Cemetery

This slightly chunky but still graceful statue looks individual enough to be a portrait. Of whom? If it was a portrait of Emma Lohmeyer, it is curious that her death date was never filled in. But perhaps if she looked like this when she was widowed at fifty, we need not seek too far for an explanation.

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  1. Emma Lohmeyer died at her home, 3614 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh on 2/25/1945 due to chronic asthma. She was the widow of Ernst Lohmeyer who died on 12/25/1913 of tuberculosis while they were living at 1203 Wylie Ave, Pittsburgh. Ernst was a restaurant keeper. It appears that they had no children who could’ve seen to it that Emma’s DOD was added to the monument.
    Information obtained from their death certificates.

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