Iron Crucifix, St. Adalbert’s Cemetery


We have met a very similar iron crucifix in St. Peter’s Cemetery (Arlington), and it had the same problem: the letters fall off as they rust. Here we have no adjacent monument to give us the name, so Father Pitt has no way to fill in B–D-NS. If anyone familiar with Polish names has a guess, please leave a comment.

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  1. There’s a better, more complete inscription in the photo on
    Since from that photo we know the last name is B*DONIS
    Possibly one of the following:
    Baltadonis or
    It could be a variation of one of these as I got these looking at possible census records.
    J*as was possibly Joannas?
    I’m leaning towards BRADDONIS who had family in Pittsburgh.
    In any case I hope the link to the more complete photo helps!

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