Thomas Noble and Sarah Coleman Miller Monument, Allegheny Cemetery

Sarah Coleman Miller is marked as “Founder of Womens Hospital of Pittsburgh.” If this is a predecessor of Magee-Womens, it is interesting to note that the institution still cannot afford an apostrophe after all these years.

The monument itself is unique, a romantic impression of a classical arch. The details are classical, but the arrangement of them is entirely fantastic, like a half-remembered dream of an ancient temple.

One response to “Thomas Noble and Sarah Coleman Miller Monument, Allegheny Cemetery”

  1. This is my GGrand Uncle’s internment. His wife, Sarah Coleman, arranged to leave their home to become a women’s hospital about the same time that the MaGee family began their’s. As hospitals began to merge, the two were combined. Sarah and Thomas Miller’s contribution is honored at the current Pittsburgh MaGee hospital in the form of the “Miller” wing.

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