Steen Vault, Chartiers Cemetery

Steen name over the vault

A unique Victorian interpretation of the Baroque style—unique in Pittsburgh, at any rate, as far as old Pa Pitt knows. The date of the mausoleum is 1874, which is the year of the first interment there.

Steen vault
Steen vault
Plaque on the vault

The front probably had bronze doors, now stolen. This plaque, however, should last a good long time. It records that the first interment was David C. Steen, who died the year the mausoleum was built (according to the date over the door). He was probably the son of David and Mary Dickson Steen, who may have built this extravagant vault in mourning for their 21-year-old son.

It would be interesting to know how the Reeds and the rest came to be in this vault.

These were families who were no strangers to tragedy. Of eleven names recorded here, six—a majority—died before the age of thirty.

Steen vault
Rear of the Steen vault

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