Michael F. Maloney Mausoleum, Calvary Cemetery

Michael F. Maloney mausoleum

Domed mausoleums are relatively rare in Pittsburgh. Here is one that Thomas Jefferson might have approved of—but the cross, which would not have been found in a Protestant mausoleum in this style, lets us know that Mr. Maloney was a good Catholic. If that was not enough of a clue, we have the artificial flowers.

Michael F. Maloney mausoleum

Addendum: It seems this mausoleum was designed by the famous ecclesiastical architect John T. Comès.1

  1. Source: The Construction Record, December 9, 1911: “Architect J. T. Comes, 1005 Fifth avenue, is taking bids on erecting a one-story limestone mausoleum in Calvary cemetery for M. F. Maloney, to cost $15,000.” ↩︎

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