Haas Mausoleum, St. Michael’s Cemetery

Haas mausoleum

An attractive Art Deco design with more traditionally Gothic bronze doors that have survived because this mausoleum is right at the cemetery entrance, where people might tend to notice two men with a pickup truck fiddling with a mausoleum in the middle of the night. (Note the fence spike in the foreground: old Pa Pitt apologizes for that, but it’s sometimes hard to see what’s in the picture when the camera has to be held above a fence.) This is one of only two mausoleums in St. Michael’s Cemetery, and it is the grander of the two.

Stained glass of the Holy Family

The stained-glass window of the Holy Family is a very good one, though it was probably a standard catalogue item.

Angel in bronze

Angels adorn the bronze doors.

Bronze decorations
Corner view

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