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  • Haas Mausoleum, St. Michael’s Cemetery

    Haas mausoleum

    An attractive Art Deco design with more traditionally Gothic bronze doors that have survived because this mausoleum is right at the cemetery entrance, where people might tend to notice two men with a pickup truck fiddling with a mausoleum in the middle of the night. (Note the fence spike in the foreground: old Pa Pitt apologizes for that, but it’s sometimes hard to see what’s in the picture when the camera has to be held above a fence.) This is one of only two mausoleums in St. Michael’s Cemetery, and it is the grander of the two.

    Stained glass of the Holy Family

    The stained-glass window of the Holy Family is a very good one, though it was probably a standard catalogue item.

    Angel in bronze

    Angels adorn the bronze doors.

    Bronze decorations
    Corner view
  • Steel Mausoleum, Homewood Cemetery

    Steel mausoleum

    A classically austere cube with some decorative trim, fine bronze doors, and a subtle shallow arch over the family name. The stained glass in the back is attractive.

    Stained glass
  • Schuyler Mausoleum, Homewood Cemetery

    Schuyler Mausoleum

    A simple square rustic mausoleum with Doric columns and a good stained-glass window in the back.

    Stained glass
  • Kress Mausoleum, Homewood Cemetery

    Kress mausoleum

    Almost starkly modern in form, the Kress mausoleum balances its simple cubical shape with a profusion of ornamental etching, an elaborate bronze door, and unusually artistic letters for the family name.

    Stained glass

    Stained glass on the inside echoes the external ornament. There are stained-glass windows on the sides as well as in the rear.

    Kress mausoleum
  • Frank-Klee Mausoleum, West View Cemetery

    Frank-Klee Mausoleum

    The extra width gives the mausoleum room for more inmates, but it does not seem to have been worked into the design well. It looks as though the Franks and Klees ordered a standard Doric temple, quite correct in its proportions, and then as an afterthought added wings.

    The stained glass is very pretty.

    Stained glass in the Frank-Klee mausoleum