John Worthington Mausoleum, Homewood Cemetery

John Worthington mausoleum, with a tree

Architect Louis Stevens, who had designed the Worthington mansion in Squirrel Hill (now part of Temple Sinai), also designed this splendid mausoleum for Mr. Worthington to move into after his demise. It is one of the most spectacular mausoleums in the Homewood Cemetery; and, unlike most Gothic mausoleums in Pittsburgh, it takes its inspiration more from castles than from churches.

John Worthington mausoleum from the front
Stairway and mausoleum

The mausoleum is approached by a stairway that is a work of art in itself.

Planter and inscription: “John Worthington”
Inscription on the mausoleum: “John Worthington”
Bronze doors
Detail of the doors
Stained glass
Left stained-glass panel
Right stained-glass panel
John Worthington mausoleum
Perspective view

More pictures of the John Worthington mausoleum.

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